Marketing Consulting: Internet Marketing and More

Based in Montreal, we provide top quality marketing that makes sense for a business. Genuine marketing experience makes the difference in developing the effective marketing efforts.    

John Bailey is the President of JSB & Associates. John has more than 30 years of marketing experience with several leading blue chip companies such as Kraft Foods, Ralston Purina, Seagram, and Molson Coors. During his career, John had success managing major brands such as Cat Chow,Kraft Dinner, Kraft Peanut Butter,Crown Royal,Captain Morgan,Chivas Regal, Yellow Pages, Molson Dry and Molson Export, Heineken, Corona and Sleeman.

During his years in progressively senior marketing roles, John acquired a reputation for strong strategic skills, excellent packaging and brand identity management, sound creative development , and innovative thinking. Plus he earned a track record for improving profits wherever he worked.

He can bring you expertise and insight into the following 10 key marketing tasks to help build your brand and your business, and your marketing plan:

1. Clearly Defined Market positioning -  what to offer , to whom , and with what benefits. What competitiors are you better than and why.

2. Internet Marketing solutions - we can offer you basic to sophisticated internet marketing solutions that fit your needs and budgets. There is no doubt that the internet can provide exciting new ways to communicate and activate your strategies and plans. As a certified WSI franchisee, we have access to highly qualified internet experts who can help you build the right internet marketing program.  

3. Pricing management - how to price to build a brand and profits . Pricing is often the quickest way to improve sales and profits, but most often this area is given the least attention. We have years of experience in pricing and price pomrotions that can help build the right pricing plan for your business.

4. Strategic Planning -  we build 3 year Strategic plans with financials that use sound business thinking to give you a clear vision of the financials you will face;

5. Brand identity and packaging development- John has years of experience and  success in getting the right creative that fits each specific brand/company 's needs from graphic designers.

A logo and packaging need smart market thinking , not just nice graphics. We use graphic artists who understand the unique needs of our clients and know what it takes to design successful brand imagery.

6. Branding - how best to communicate  the company as well as each of its products with an effective,integrated branding system.

7.Advertising reviews - given years of print , outdoor, and especially TV creative development and testing, we offer a quick service that will provide you with an objective review of the ads your agency or marketing team are running to help decide what if any changes are needed.

8. Promotions - value added promotions to drive short term sales.

9. New Product development - how many  are needed? to meet what $$ sales goals? what are some good ideas that can be developed? What formula/recipes?what format?

10. Sales Management - how to ensure your sales efforts and activities are aligned with your marketing strategies and plans.